Mobile device security

Managed mobile devices

Organizations have gone mobile - from salespeople working from their cars, planes and trains to doctors and nurses recording patient notes and updating patient records on tablets – mobile devices have become a mainstay of how organizations operate. The flexibility and agility afforded by this mobility has made it easy for employees to work and helped organizations improve their customer engagement, patient relations and much more. But with all of this flexibility comes risks. Each mobile device represents a new pathway for threats to infiltrate your network.

You don’t have the same control over BYOD and mobile devices as you do over traditional company-owned devices. In fact, in the first quarter of 2017, 1.5 million incidents have been reported on mobile devices. Mobile devices are under attack and no one is immune.

Digital Hands’ expert team, using a variety of different technologies, creates a single, unified, mobile security solution that will keep your network safe and secure, no matter what devices try to access it, relieving you of having to manage mobile security, so that you are free to manage your organization instead.



  • - BYOD Network Protection 
  • - Risk Assessment 
  • - Managed Services ​


  • - Increased Flexibility
  • - Simplified Compliance
  • - Risk management

The mobile threats are increasing and your company’s information is valuable; if your sensitive personal and organization information gets into the wrong hands it could be disastrous.