Managed network access control

Managed network access control (NAC)

In order to work effectively, you must allow partners, customers, and third-party vendors to connect to your network. This flexibility introduces a host of new risks – each new device is a pathway on which malware can be injected into your network. How can you ever truly know how many devices are connected to your network, and whether or not they are compliant with your security policies? 

There are many benefits to allowing access to your network, such as keeping pace with collaborative ways of working, providing your partners and third-party vendors with the information they need to conduct business, and embracing the latest trends in technologies. However, you must carefully manage the risks that come with a more accessible network. In the first quarter of 2017, 1.5 million incidents were reported on mobile devices. Not surprising, those numbers are only increasing. Do you have the protocols in place to keep your organization secure? 

Managed Network Access Control (NAC) from Digital Hands empowers you with the tools and expertise you need effectively deploy and manage a NAC solution in your business. Any organization that allows BYOD or partner/third-party access to their networks needs NAC to maintain regulatory compliance and a defense against plausible attacks.

With Digital Hands as your partner, you have visibility and control across all devices connecting to your network. We identify who and what is connected to your network, where they are located, and what their role is in the organization. You get the assurance that the right users have access to your network resources and at the same time, your critical business systems and processes are protected from misuse and compromise.



  • - 24 x 7 unlimited customer support
  • - Web portal for ticketing
  • - System health, performance & availability monitoring
  • - Platform management
  • - Continual security checks performed using the device’s connection 
  • - Real-time, automatic policy enforcement across all devices
  • - Automatic detection of security and compliance issues across all devices


  • - Visibility and control over all devices connecting to your network
  • - Securely allow BYOD and third-party vendor access
  • - Lowered operational costs

Digital Hands helps your organization embrace new technologies and keep your employees happy - - - all of this at the speed of business – and while keeping the business secure.