CyGuard Maverick - Bot Detection & Mitigation

CyGuard Maverick

CyGuard Maverick is a next-generation web security solution that detects and mitigates malicious bot traffic without impacting user experience.

Zero-touch advanced bot detection and mitigation

CyGuard Maverick is an easy to implement, highly accurate and scalable bot detection and mitigation service.

Bot Detection
CyGuard Maverick easily distinguishes between good bots, bad bots and human traffic.

Bot Mitigation
Our advanced solution eliminates malicious bots without impeding good bots (such as search engines) or impacting user experience (no Captcha forms!).

Bot Visibility
We make it easy to see the bot traffic on your website and APIs. With this, you gain a deeper understanding of your web traffic and more accurate analytics.

With CyGuard Maverick, you'll see an immediate drop in useless traffic. 

A fast, low latency solution
With our unique approach, latency implications are minimal. Your visitors enjoy a lighting fast
user experience, search engine bots can do their thing, and there are no annoying Captcha forms
to fill out.

Highly effective detection and mitigation
CyGuard Maverick outperforms any bot detection and mitigation solution available today.

Accurate data and informed decision-making
With granular visibility into all components of your web traffic, you now have more accurate data which can be used to understand and inform your digital marketing strategies.




CyGuard Maverick service features

- 24 x 7 service availability & customer support
- Zero footprint / zero touch
- Rapid installation
- Scalable and high-performance
- SmartBlock - CyGuard Maverick's intelligence engine automatically recognizes bad bots and instantly increases the speed and diffuclty of the challenges, essentially launching a reverse DoS attack against the bots.

CyGuard Maverick Benefits

- Protect your website from credential stuffing, click fraud, account takeover, and scraping attacks.
- Reduce network bandwidth ad computing infrastructure costs caused by bots.
- Get accurate digital marketing and web analytics so your decisions are based on real numbers.
- Gain visibiity into all components of your traffic - good bots, bad bots and humans
- Provide your web visitors with a secure, user-friendly experience.